Willemsen Interieurbouw


Everybody has an interior and every owner has his or her own feeling or ideas about how it should be. This feeling may be very clear-cut or it may only be a rough outline, a certain style or a favourite colour. And that is where Willemsen Interieurbouw & Scheepsbetimmering’s work begins. First they translate their customer’s wishes and requirements into a well-thought-out plan. And, subsequently, they translate that plan into tangible results within the limits of the budget. Is Willemsen good at this? Oh yes, they are darned good at it; this is the basis of their success.


When it comes to highly ambitious design, you need production facilities that can deliver the goods as well. That means being, and keeping, up-to-date as regards the latest developments, investing in people, machines and new technology, and surrounding yourself with suppliers who speak the same language. And, especially, having people who are able to organise work processes such that production can take place efficiently. After all, it is your investment.