PortLiner's value chain approach

PortLiner's approach for the development of the flow battery concept in inland navigation is carried out along the lines of the value chain, including:

  • Ship design and architecture
  • Ship building (hull and subsequent outfitting and finishing), with input and supply from a range of maritime suppliers
  • Battery configuration and equipment supply including Battery Management System and electrolyte
  • Electric system engineering, system integration and installation
  • Battery recharging infrastructure and electricity supply
  • Classification society, to certify vessels, battery systems and waterborne recharging infrastructure
  • Financing, for vessels, battery equipment & electrolyte, recharging infrastructure
  • Chartering, including terminals, brokers and shippers

PortLiner organizes and brings together every link that together represent the value chain, a cluster of more than 40 companies that together create and build the PortLiner flow battery propelled vessels.

Please find below a brief presentation of some of PortLiner's key partners.

Van Oossanen (Wageningen, NL) are independent naval architects and hydrodynamicists with vast amounts of experience in the design of sail and motor yachts, commercial ships and advanced marine vehicles.

Their particular area of expertise is in the field of ship hydrodynamics and performance.

Werkina (Werkendan, NL) is one of most experienced and successful maritime installation companies in the region. Werkina can handle the design, engineering and construction of complete electrical systems for a wide range of maritime applications. Werkina provides complete electrical systems.

In addition to engine control, Werkina also offers nautical equipment, AC/HVAC, tank measurement and alarming systems and entertainment systems. 

CellCube (Enerox GmbH) (Wiener Neudorf, Austria) is technology and industry leader in the field of sustainable, future-proof and durable energy storage infrastructure. CellCube is one of the world’s first and largest developers, manufacturers and sellers of vanadium redox flow batteries, also referred to as VRFBs. The modular CellCube batteries make it possible to effortlessly store large electricity capacities for a period of 4 to 24 hours in an efficient, clean and sustainable manner. They meet the strictest safety standards, tolerate high temperatures and have a lifecycle of 20 and up to 30 years. 

The Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, near Karlsruhe in Germany (580 employees) carries out research and development in core competences including chemical processes and energy systems.

The Fraunhofer ICT supports its clients and project partners from the original idea to the prototype phase or even to small-series production, according to their requirements. Clients and project partners are mostly from the automotive and transport sectors. The research group working on batteries has over 35 years of experience with electrochemical energy storage devices for civil and defense applications.  

Regarding redox flow batteries, the Institute offers expertise in the areas of material development and characterization, redox chemistry, stack development and battery systems and simulation. The Institute operates a Redox-flow Application Center, with the necessary infrastructure to test and characterize RFB modules in a power range of up to several hundred kWs.  Separate tank systems enable testing of novel electrolytes on large scale.

Vattenfall (Solna, Sweden) is a European energy company with approximately 20,000 employees. For more than 100 years Vattenfall has  electrified industries, supplied energy to people's homes and modernised our way of living through innovation and cooperation. Vattenfall is determined to enable fossil-free living within one generation. To succeed we must become fossil free ourselves. . Together with their partners, they are taking on the responsibility to find new and sustainable ways to electrify transportation, industries and heating.

Greenchoice (Rotterdam, NL) is the largest energy provider in the Netherlands that exclusively provides green, sustainable energy. All power and gas supplied by Greenchoice is durable. For example, we only use power from local sustainable sources and we plant trees to compensate for all gas emissions. For this offer we exclusively provide power from Dutch windmills. The Sustainable Brand Index has ranked Greenchoice as the most sustainable brand in the Dutch energy sector (“Industry winner”).