"Leading technology for sustainable inland shipping"


In terms of environmental emissions the awareness has risen in recent years, that inland waterways is not as “green” as commonly understood. In terms of emission of CO2, NOx and fine particulates, inland waterway ships are clearly underperforming compared, for example, to modern diesel trucks (euro VI).

Current insights indicate that the most feasible alternatives (“Top 4 Options”), both in terms of technology and economics, are: LNG (for larger ships), Hybrid (diesel-electrical), Fuel-optimized engines with end-of-pipe treatment and Euro VI engines (source: EICB, Maritime Industry, Gorinchem, 10 May 2017). In terms of emission reduction, these options give only a partial solution.

PortLiner aims at full greening, by introducing 100% CO2 free powered vessels. With the new battery technology, and the specific application developed by PortLiner for inland container shipping, “zero emission” has now for the first time become a feasible option.

Given the current fast developments in sustainability, specifically in the area of zero emission mobility, PortLiner permanently scans and reviews new technologies and innovations.

In addition to an all-electric battery solution, PortLiner recognizes the long-term relevance of hydrogen. PortLiner’s technology solution allows for the smooth introduction of hydrogen as soon as it becomes feasible technically and economically. In fact, PortLiner has already initiated the development of an integrated battery/hydrogen solution. Depending on market segment and area of operation, there will be opportunities for full battery-electric and battery/hydrogen applications. The flexibility of PortLiner’s “E-Powerbox” concept allows for tailor-made solutions.


The drive for sustainability is not only increasingly at the core of corporate social responsibility, it is also becoming the only relevant way of conducting business. This trend triggers innovation in manufacturing and logistics and the introduction of green practices in all business functions.

PortLiner is fully committed to the objectives of sustainable business development. It has created a green solution for inland waterway logistics and has a long-term vision going forward. At this stage PortLiner is years ahead of any competition in this specific field. PortLiner is setting the standards for “zero emission” inland shipping for the next years to come.