PortLiner EC110

This unique concept stems from the realisation that an inland waterway vessel has the ideal dimensions to carry the weight of the batteries, while using none of its cargo capacity.  The E-Powerboxes are stored under the wheelhouse, therefore we don't use any of the cargo area, allowing the ship to have no sacrifices in terms of capacity.

With a container capacity of up to 280 TEU. As there is no need any longer for an engine room, the container capacity of such ships actually increases, by 8%. This all combined with higher loading efficiency thanks to optimized loading bay length, accommodating a length of 14 containers of 20 feet or 7 containers of 40 feet, or any combination of the two sizes.

PortLiner has established that with four E-Powerboxes the standard 110x11.45m vessel has an action radius of at least 14 hours. With such action radius, these ships can easily cover the Rotterdam/Antwerp/Duisburg corridors. At the same time, PortLiner has established that Total Cost of Ownership of full electric versus conventional diesel is break-even


The ship is available in different sizes, and for different purposes. Please contact us for more information.