“Maritime by Holland” urges for maritime recovery plan with green focus

Published on 30 April 2020 at 13:14

“Maritime by Holland”, the Dutch maritime platform connecting 12 maritime sectors including inland navigation, has published an open letter to the Dutch government urging for a joint recovery of the maritime cluster, with focus on sustainability:

The Dutch maritime sector plays a crucial role in the logistics chain. It is essential that viable companies in the maritime sector survive despite the current crisis. We must prevent employees from losing their jobs en masse in one of the most innovative and crucial sectors in the Netherlands. Acceleration and sustainability offer a key to the solution. The impact of the Corona crisis on the Dutch maritime sector is significant. It is already noticeable that transport and transhipment are declining due to the collapsing global economy, that orders for the maritime manufacturing industry are being postponed and that innovation is under pressure due to liquidity problems.”

More info (in Dutch)

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