Van Oossanen Naval Architects


Van Oossanen are independent naval architects and hydrodynamicists with vast amounts of experience in the design of sail and motor yachts, commercial ships and advanced marine vehicles. Their particular area of expertise is in the field of ship hydrodynamics and performance. They are worldwide leaders in naval architecture and fluid dynamics, and are well-known for our patented fuel saving Hull Vane®.

Van Oossanen was founded as Van Oossanen & Associates in 1992 by Dr. Ir. Peter van Oossanen. In 2012 the company continued as Van Oossanen Naval Architects and in 2014 Hull Vane BV was set up as an independent company for the eponymous patented fuel-saving device. Today they operate as Van Oossanen, incorporating three business disciplines: Fluid Dynamics, Naval Architecture and Hull Vane®.


Excellence In Performance

Their mission is to design and optimize yachts and ships that excel in performance: performance in terms of efficiency, safety and comfort. They are proud that their designs are amongst the most fuel-efficient, low resistant and comfortable vessels designed and built today, whether a fast displacement motor yacht, a traditional Dutch Lemsteraak (leeboard yacht) or an optimized offshore supply vessel.

They continuously strive for further improvement and optimization, combining their experience with the possibilities of state-of-the-art software. They are not afraid to innovate and go off the beaten track as long as the associated improvements outweigh any risk involved for the client.

As a company they aim to excel in performance in terms of providing reliable and customer-oriented solutions. They are passionate, flexible and capable of making swift decisions. They can quickly adapt to new situations when required and provide reliable design solutions on a short-term basis.