H2-INDUSTRIES is a major investor-owned Energy Storage Solution supplier. The company was founded by entrepreneur Dipl.-Ing. Michael Stusch in 2011 and is headquartered in Wollerau, Switzerland, production and R&D are located in Germany and the product management and marketing is located in Austria. Their product range converts any energy source to hydrogen and stores and releases the energy on demand. The storage technology is a liquid that binds hydrogen, allowing the hydrogen storage without the need to freeze or pressure it. The storage capacity of our technology is decoupled from the power density of a unit. This allows to store unlimited amounts of hydrogen at very low costs.
As a provider of economic storage solutions in large scale, they have an unique selling proposition in the growing market of renewable energy supply.


Hydrogen is the energy carrier of the future. In the past, it’s success was limited due to its storage limitations.
LOHC stores hydrogen under normal temperature and pressure. This fact changes the current energy.
We will create an energy ecosystem based on the generation, storage and usage of hydrogen, utilizing the existing fossil fuel storage infrastructure.