GVT Group of Logistics

Congestion-free transport between Tilburg and Rotterdam has become a reality since the establishment of Barge Terminal Tilburg. The terminal has made container transport from the Port of Rotterdam a lot more efficient. The use of inland waterway transportation makes just-in-time deliveries possible. This means that customers can rely on guaranteed delivery times. Furthermore, transport via waterways is more environmentally friendly than conventional road transport. 


The containers are shipped via congestion-free and completely reliable waterways. Barge Terminal Tilburg also organises connections for regional distribution or long(er)-distance transport by rail or by road. 


Another advantage of Barge Terminal Tilburg is savings on storage costs. The Port of Rotterdam is a real transshipment port with high storage costs. Substantial cost reductions can be realised by shipping a container directly by barge to one of our inland waterway terminals in Tilburg (Loven or Vossenberg industrial terrain). Savings in terms of detention and demurrage costs are another advantage of using Barge Terminal Tilburg. Barge Terminal Tilburg serves as an 'extended gate' for the Port of Rotterdam and there are several sailings each day between Tilburg and Rotterdam. 


Barge Terminal Tilburg has its own fleet of more than 75 trucks and more than 300 container chassis. These ensure that we always have sufficient capacity and flexibility to quickly respond to the needs of our clients. Waiting times and additional costs for the loading and unloading of containers are avoided thanks to our efficient hitching and unhitching system. The container transport and associated processes are managed by means of central planning. Planning decides on the right modalities for each transport route in order to achieve the fastest lead times. This efficient method ensures that more than 75,000 containers are delivered to our customers every year.